Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring Is A Brewin'!

I had a little extra time off this afternoon so I decided to get started on a recent idea for spring. I picked up some great milk glass stemmed glasses this weekend and ran out and found a few more fun milk glass and tea cup containers from my two favorite thrift stores (sadly slim pickin's around here). Then the kitchen went from clean to a hot, crafty mess in a matter of seconds. These are a fun spring decoration and are also a great place marker and gift for a party (I am definitely making some for my garden party thisyear). I was inspired by Paper + Craft but I wanted to add a found look and make my creations more gardeny so I added bugs. To keep this exciting, I didn't want to giveaway what these will look like when they are completed so stay tuned for the full details when I get something on those sticks. Can you guess what they might be??
Happy Crafting!
Cerise : )

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