Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Porland Day Trip, Part 3, Cerise: the boutique

One of our goals on our Portland adventure was to make a little side trip to Lake Oswego to visit the second hand Boutique store "Cerise." Sadly, they are closed on Mondays. We do have a picture of Cerise in front of "Cerise" and will have to plan another trip!

We did find a fun British tea and gift shop across the street and enjoyed finding Turkish Delights, violet chocolates and some other genuine British goodies. Cerise tried hard to get the owner to say holiday (it was Martin Luther King day when we went) as she loves the British accent that comes out as 'alliday (see "Chicken Run", the movie. We did use the loo and would like to go back to Lady Di's for a formal tea. I will pass on the bangers.

Our very last stop was at Nordstroms to get our parking garage ticket validated in Portland. We purchased a couple of lipsticks from the Mac counter and then wandered past the shoe department to laugh at the ridiulous price of designer shoes. Ballet flats for $800? Really Prada? Tiny sandals for $900. Come on Manolo Blahnik. Jimmy Choo, I can't wear your shoes!

And that was part 3 of our fun day trip to Portland!
We can't wait to go again.
Theresa, OmMama

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Annotated Margins said...

Pretty girls in Portland, and the logo in the window is really cool... perhaps find a way to recreate it for your studio?