Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meyer Imports Craft Crap Give Away!

In anticipation of our giveaway to come next week I thought I'd share the last (I think?) Give Away over at Meyer Imports. I love these guys. I just got some really great glitter samples in the mail today that I can't wait to play with!! Thanks John!!

Happy Winnings!
Cerise : )

The Biggest Give Away in the History of Mankind

KraftkrapI tried to warn you.

I told you this was going to be the month of Give Aways. First we gave away the Mega Mini Craft Set. Then theCrystal Glitter Set. And last week the Valentine Glitter Set. And I told you this last one was going to be big. How big? Well that it depends on the number of comments.

Cause we are giving away a

Small Mountain of KraftKrap.

Here is an FAQ on this offer:

  1. What's in the pile? Who knows!
  2. How much is there? A lot!
  3. Is it new stuff or old vintage parts and pieces? Yes!
  4. Does it include Glitter, Beads and Crystals or just Miniatures? Yes!
  5. How do I win it? Leave a comment!
  6. How do I make the pile even bigger? Tell a friend to leave a comment!
  7. You mean, that with every comment, more items get added to the pile? Yes!
  8. What if a million people leave comments? I'll rent a moving van!
  9. How much will I really get if I win? A very large box!
  10. Really? Yes!
  11. Cross your heart and pinky swear? Yes! 2441388661_aa16f471e0

Our iron clad promise to you. The Meyer Imports Pinky Swear!

Well, sounds great. Are there any more details? Yes read below!

I have lots of odds and ends I want to give away. Some items might be considered junk, some items might be treasures. I just can't tell, so you will need to figure it out. And, we are serious, the more comments we get, the bigger the pile will get. Kind of like a Mega Lottery. The larger the pool of players, the larger the prize for the person who wins!

So tell your friends, jump on to Facebook, Tweet, tweet, tweet away on this one. We are going to run this one for two weeks to give everyone a chance to hear about it, so on SUPER BOWL Weekend, the major announcement will be made and the winner will be unveiled!


Let's have some fun with this one, cause that is what it is all about!

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