Sunday, May 22, 2011

One More Great Find

Here is one more great find from the Antique Mall in Albany, Oregon where I got my sewing machine. They had this 1960 Bing and Grondahl Christmas plate. I was lucky enough to get my grandmother's collection of these lovely Danish plates and have added to it ever since. I have been also trying to fill in backwards to 1957, my earliest plate from Grandma. I found this 1960 plate at a great price. My husband's uncle sent me my very favorite, the 1907 "Little Match Girl" at Christmas this year (Thank you, Ted!). My china cabinet is full so I either will need to buy another cabinet or store away further purchases. I could also get crazy and hang them all over my walls. They are sure beautiful!
Theresa, Ommama

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Lovely Mother's Day Gift

I had to share this photo of the bowl set I got recently for a mother's day gift fro Cerise! I love these old kitchen pottery bowls. Cerise is starting to collect Bauer Pottery herself so she is always on the prowl at antique store and thrift store to find some little gems for her collection. I can't wait to display these in my new cabinet! (more on that later!)
Theresa, Ommama

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Salivating over Another Sewing Machine

Here is a great site if you love Singer Featherweights as we do. April 1930's is a site and shopped dedicated to Singer 221 and 221K models. They also have a great newsletter and wonderful information. Their current newsletter features a 100-year old brochure from Singer "Evolution of the Singer Needle" explaining how needles are made.
And, they have the coolest Singer 222 model. These have a thin arm so that you can sew in the tiniest places. I will have to sell a lot more on Etsy before I get one of these baby's. I am putting it on my Birthday, Christmas and all other holiday list!
Theresa, Ommama

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Singer! Am I collecting?

A mother's day treat was to hang out at a local antique mall with Cerise. I wanted to find a small table with a drawer to fit in the hallway. Tape measure in hand, we set out to find the perfect little item. We did not find a table; instead we found a portable Singer 221-1 in wonderful condition. I am not sure yet, but I think it is a 1952. It has all it's parts including the instruction manual and just a little bit of scratches on the front. It is very dry and will need to be oiled. The machine says made in Great Britain and the motor says made in Canada. I will be doing some research to find out more.

It's not like I really need another machine, but it is so rare to find one in pristine condition I couldn't pass it up. I am not sure at which point one is considered collecting. So far I have two of these Singer Featherweights and Cerise has one. I am very excited to give my new old gal a spin and see how she sews! Thanks for the great Mother's Day, Cerise!
Theresa, Ommama