Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Knitting Books!

The mail held an awaited treasure today. Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs From Interweave was stuck in the mail box. The first time I used this book I checked it out from the library and held on to it forever (yes, the was quite a late fee) and made socks for presents from a few of the patterns. I actually still have my favorite pair from there, though it is currently hibernating. There wasn't enough yarn to finish the toe and I realized that the legs weren't even the same length! There are quite a few patterns in this that I absolutely love.
I have indulged in knitting books that past few weeks and picked up Itty-Bitty Toys from my LYS and Last Minute Knitted Gifts I spotted on the back stock shelves in the basement at work one day. My tangible knitting library is starting to grow quite fast (the digital library has been beyond control for a long time). A new bookshelf is in order but it will have to wait. A few piles are collecting on my knitting cabinet and in a basket on the living room floor. Next on my wish list:

What's new in your library?

Happy Cataloging,
Cerise : )

Monday, August 22, 2011

Here is one on Ommama's wish list (and I wish I could knit better!)
Silk Cloud Pullover from Shibui knits
Theresa, Ommama

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Knitting Christmas Gifts

Last year for Christmas we tried to do only hand-made gifts. As happens every year, we don't stick to our rules. This year we are going for just stocking-stuffers. We'll see how that turns out! I still owe embroidered dish towels and knitted socks to my mother-in-law and embroidered dish towels to my parents from last Christmas. Though I am slowly working on those open ended gifts, I thought ahead this year and got sock yarn for my parents' socks. I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head but I once again couldn't resist Shibui Staccato Sock Yarn and this time I found in at Fiber, Nooks, and Crannys in Corvallis! Yes, I still have about seven skeins of 50s Kitchen sitting around. But I had to get something special for the holidays, right? The silk is what gets me. And not to mention the great color schemes. To simplify my crafting and to keep a yearly track of what I made, I decided to make the same sock pattern for everyone who's getting socks. I should be able to knit them in my sleep by the time I'm on the third pair!

While sitting in a hotel room in Seattle, I started knitting up my dad's socks, two at a time. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing the whole two pairs of socks on one needle thing right but it's working, sort of. No, I can't put a picture of the socks up until after the holidays. Don't want to ruin the surprise!

Happy Knitting,

Cerise : )

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eyes, Legs, and Feet, Oh My!

Okay, I'm finally going to share my super treasures I got a couple weekends ago from the fabulous Daisy Drygoods . Last year I started getting interested in old dolls. Honestly, they kind of creep me out, especially the really old ones. But I bought a few dolls and might even do a few mail-order/online doll making classes. And then I found the mecca of doll parts. Glass eyes are my favorite treasure I found. There were lots of legs, ceramic and composite materials, and some arms and torsos too. There was even an awesome little kewpie doll but his sweet little arm was busted off so he didn't get to come home with me.

Here is a picture of some of my awesome goodies I got. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I wish I had gotten more glass eyes for Halloween.

Need some doll parts? If you can't get by Daisy Drygoods in Arcata, California, check out the following Etsy sites. But watch out, I've drooled all over listings eying all the wonderful doll parts!

Happy Doll Hunting!
Cerise : )

Friday, August 5, 2011

Visiting Fort Bragg

The next stop for our journey last week was to Fort Bragg for a family reunion. We had to stop at a store and pick up some pie. On the way into the store the word fabric caught my eye on a store sign near the market. I ditched the pie buying group and ran over to the little corner craft store. Fabric Indulgence carries fabrics by the bolt (some really nice ones too!), fat quarters, silk ribbons (they are so beautiful), paints, beads, patterns, and sumi-e supplies. Lucky me, Iwent in during their 20% off fabric sale. It did get me to buy two yards of wonderful fabric I was trying to stay away from. Some pretty little fat quarters made it home with me too!

There was a cute little yarn store on the other side of the market. The dog and I peeked into the window, but I still wasn't in a yarn mood. They will definitely be a stop next time I pass through.
There wasn't much down time at the family reunion with playing music, catching up with family, and throwing the dog off the paddle boat into the salty river. I did sneak out my fabric and thread and work on some little pumpkins toward the evening. My niece even wanted to sew with me. It was her first time sewing and she made half a pumpkin, sewed on a leaf, and put a silly patch on the side of her creation. It ended up going to a cousin who was very excited. The hotel was a better sewing environment that evening. It can't get much better than staying by the ocean with family and a stinky, salty dog and sewing pumpkins while watching the original Planet of the Apes!

Happy Crafty Travels,
Cerise : )

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Favorite Arcata Crafty Stores

A late arrival back to Corvallis on Sunday left me way to beat to post yesterday, but I did play with some of my new treasures that were found during my journey. Now that I am somewhat rested, here are some of my favorite stores in Arcata for getting crafty supplies, though this doesn't include all of them!

First stop after coffee and doughnuts on Friday was Daisy Drygoods on the H Street side of the Arcata Plaza, my all-time favorite store. I could have spent many hours and many dollars in this antique and vintage supply store. It's like a typical dry goods store from a long-ago era that was unearthed after being forgotten for a while. Not only do they have some fun antique and
vintage nick-knacks and clothing, they have all sorts of fabric, yarn, doll parts, buttons, ribbon, sewing machine parts, hat making supplies, and so much more. I was excited to learn that they have an Etsy page that will be up and running soon. Hooray!! My favorite find was a painted fabric doll leg. The weirdest find I took home were glass doll eyes. Oh why oh why didn't I get more!

They are ever so unique. Weirdest find I did not take home: the three-faced doll in a fuzzy hooded jumper whose head spins to reveal different faces. Super creepy but really neat! (You can see it in the picture of doll parts.) There were also ceramic legs and arms of all sorts, mostly large pairs. Down in the bottom of the leg bin was a baggy with three little appendages that just had to come home with me. I wasn't really in a fabric mood and I was feeling a bit rushed, but now I'm regretting not spending more time in Daisy Drygood's fabrics.

They have wonderful old fabrics and flour sacks that would be splendid for so many projects. I still have some fabric bits I got there forever ago that I love. Though I wish I could have spent longer perusing, I'm very excited about my doll part finds.

My next stop was Fabric Temptations on the other side of the Plaza. (Find them on Facebook here.) I went in to check out their fat quarters but I was still not feeling very fabric-excited so I didn't stay long. They have a great selection of fabrics, yarn, buttons (I have a really awesome Apatosaurus button from there), ribbon, trims, and books so be sure to check them out if you are ever passing through Arcata. Hopefully I will be craving fabric or yarn next time I go through!

Happy Supply Hunting,
Cerise : )

A great big THANK YOU! to Rose at Daisy Drygoods for setting up a pick-up for the doll leg since I was overwhelmed and insane and brought up an unintended arm. I'm very happy for my leg!!