Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leather Craft

When my father passed away in August, one of the things we found amongst his belongings was some leather crafting tools from the 1960's. I remember most of them were from a 4-H project that my Dad helped to lead. My father, being a wonderful woodworker, also made an incredible stand for all the stamping tools. Just before Christmas, Cerise and I took out the box and went through it. Besides all the tools there were many books with information and patterns, including some very ridiculous and non-PC pre-cut projects you could order to make Indian costumes and all sorts of "authentic" apparel and accessories.

There was a little bit of leather in the boxes and Cerise picked up some additional scraps from a craft store. She opted for cutting and hand-sewing a passport cover which became another hand-made gift. I opted to mess around with the stamping and carving tools to make some coasters, one of the items still in the box. So far I have two silly coasters, one with a gnome and one with a mushroom on it. I treasure this small gift from my father.
Theresa, ommama

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