Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Portland Day Trip: Part 1, the food

What a fun time Krafty Katina and OmMama had day-tripping to Portland! Although the boutique shop that we wanted to see, "Cerise,"in Lake Oswego was closed, we did manage to have lunch at The Thai Peacock, get to Knit Purl, Jospehine's Dry Goods, a quick run through Nordstrom's, and barely made it before closing to New Cascadia Bakery.

New Cascadia is a dedicated gluten free bakery in Portland. We heard a lot about them and were anxious to see their offerings. Their website has photos of luscious cupcakes. Sadly, the shelves and trays were empty except for 2 chocolate chip cookies, a galette, four orange scones, two small loaves of bread and 2 large loaves of bread. You notice these things when you rarely get to eat baked goods! The lady in front of us ordered coffee and got one loaf of bread. I yelled for the galette while Cerise was asking questions and a lady walked in behind us with two little girls who wanted cupcakes. Her mom said, "Oh look, two cookies left." Damn, I wanted those! I let them go and waited to get the clerks attention again to get the rest of the bread; Cerise got one and I wanted the other two. Before I could ask, the lady with the two kids got another clerk from the back and got "my" bread. They didn't even get the cookies! Still, Cerise and I split the galette (yummy with almond paste and fruit) and took our small loaves, vowing to stop at New Cascadia first next trip. Their seeded bread is pictured above. It is fantastic!

The Thai Peacock really was some of the best Thai food we ever had. We had the Thai Peacock Curry and Mango Paradise. We could have split one dish and had plenty of food left. They will make it hot to mild. Ours was pretty hot and only made us cry a little! I highly recommend them if you get to Portland.
More on the craft portion of our trip later!
Theresa, Ommama

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