Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Late Winter Cleaning

The weekends are a cherished time of the week because it means no work. This Saturday was supposed to be filled with a crafty mess but there was such a mess in the craft hut there was no room to make more of a mess! So I finally got down to serious cleaning and organizing. It took me almost all day but it's done. And I even took some stuff to the thrift store. I know, right? Me get rid of something?? It's really unheard of as those who know me know that I am quite the pack rat when it comes to crafting stuff. I'm starting to realize that even though every little piece of junk can be turned into something, I don't actually have the want to make something with all those little bits of junk. And four yards of hideous furry fabric? What was I thinking? (There's a reason I'm pretty much cut off from the fabric store!) Now there is space for making glittery messes while still leaving room for sewing. If only it were warmer out there so it wasn't so uncomfortable to craft.

Happy Early Spring Cleaning!
Cerise : )

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