Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday Find: Artist Nicaeli

Our featured artist is one of my favorite! Nicaeli is on Etsy and I first came across her when I was living in humboldt County. I needed a new wallet and wanted something unique. I found her by searching "Shop local" on Etsy and realized she lived right in Arcata. I loved the products as she makes them from recylced leather. My wallet was bright green (my favorite color!).

As December neared this year, I thought I might want a new wallet as the old one was getting worn out. Cerise told me it was fine and I didn't need new one. What she really did is order a new (upcycled!) wallet from Nicaeli, Nicael Leistikow. I love it! I love that Nicael hand makes these and that she uses recycled leather. She also make handbags and accessories as well as beautiful masks. Check out her shop at and her blog at
Thanks Nicael!

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