Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupcake Crazies

These cupcakes were supposed to be baked on Sunday. Half were to go to work on Valentine's Day and the other half to knit night the day after. However, since I didn't bake on Sunday night, I decided post-Valentine's cupcakes would have to do. Every time I make cupcakes (my favorite thing to bake since it's easy and frostable), I use Bob's Red Mill (BRM) Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix. I panicked that I wouldn't have enough so I had my fiancé pick up some yellow cake mix. Alas, the Co-op didn't have BRM mix so Pamela's was the next choice. I'm familiar with BRM cake mix so I was a little worried about Pamela's mix. I was right in being worried. The mix was not as thick and fluffy and all the little mini muffin cups spilled over in the oven. This led to a massive cupcake chain that will be interesting to take apart and salvage into normal mini cupcakes. The flavor of Pamela's yellow cake mix is really good though and is making up for the runny, messy batter. The vanilla frosting and decorations have yet to come to check back tomorrow for more pictures!

Happy Baking,
Cerise : )

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