Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tulle, Tulle, Tulle

I'm in love with tulle and I have many colors, sizes, shimmers, and mattes of the beautiful netting. It has it's own smell, that certain sound, and a comfortable feel that I can only imagine comparable to my favorite stuffed animal. But I rarely use it for anything. Last year, I became obsessed (as I do much too often with clothing and accessory items) with a J. Crew skirt. This wonderful skirt fell just below the knee and was adorned in layers of ruffled tulle in a color choice of black or white. I had to have it. The only problem was the price. Yes, I am guilty of spending a lot on a single item of clothing. But this was beyond what I could let myself spend. And where would I ever show off such a fancy thing in Humboldt County? I'm not a wealthy English women or fancy East Coast girl who goes to frilly parties to mingle with other aristocrats. I decide instead of spending $5oo.00 (wowzers!) I would make the skirt myself. I downloaded the pictures off the J. Crew website and ripped all the pages out of the Fall 2007 catalog that pictured my newest obsession. I had some creme-colored, vintage silk-like material I used for the outer part and found corresponding lining, tulle, and hidden zipper and dug out my first real pattern (besides the classic pajama pants pattern my mom still has) and started cutting. Putting together the skirt wasn't too hard but I had cut a pattern piece wrong. I thought it might not matter much. The final creation was beautiful to an untrained eye or someone squinting from afar. But the hemming was less than perfect and it was two or more sizes too small for me. It would have to been worn very high on my waist. I had forgotten to take into account I was a little bigger in my college years than I was in my high school years and I guess the mis-cut did make a difference. None the less, I loved what I had made and was proud of myself for creating a $5oo.00 skirt on my antique sewing machine. I eventually sold the skirt to a very skinny coworker who might have future parties she could wear it to for $3o.00. I cut out pieces for a black one (this time the right size and without cutting the fabric incorrectly) and had stuffed it in my clothing fabric box. That was a year ago but I pulled it out yesterday and remarked all the pattern markings one should really pay attention to (the shirt I made the day before is a little haphazard due to lack of important markings) and started sewing away. I know have the the lining sewn together with very nice darts and am putting tulle layers on the outside. I am very excited to see how this one turns out and I know I can find somewhere here in the city to wear it. I hope to finish some more of my tulle skirts and maybe experiment with tulle in other fashion areas. At least I can wrap Katina in tulle and giggle at her.
Cerise : )

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Ommama & KraftyKatina said...

cute! I can't wait to see it.