Sunday, October 5, 2008

Machine Love

My in-progress sewing projects do not look as sad as Cerise's little critters. My yoga mat bags are just flat pieces of fabric and the mini zafu cushions look a little like whoopee cushions.

I had a panic attack tonight. My machine quit sewing. To be more precise it was chinking and skipping. I took the fly wheel, that turns the belt and basically runs everything, apart. I did not have instructions nor did I know what I was doing. With Mike's help I tightened up some stuff, tweaked a cog thingy and it works. Hallelujah! I expect it would be difficult and pricey to get my little baby fixed. I will pat her and oil her and give her special love. (Yes, she is that important to me!!)

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Ommama & KraftyKatina said...

*Gasp!* That would have been horrible!!! I know how you feel about your baby. Congrats on the craft fair by the way! I hope you gals do really well!! (I promise I will blog soon!)