Monday, October 27, 2008

Casting (on) Call

This weekend I joined some ladies from work to teach them how to knit. We all met up at Mary's funky and wonderful apartment. We started the evening making shrunken apple heads for our Halloween work decor, moved on to a pomegranate salad and Terra chips, and eventually worked out way to the knitting. Lura had crocheted before but Mary and Michelle had not done either. Teaching people how to do something that you have turned into a second-nature habit is not easy. Especially a self taught habit. We tried to watch Nightmare Before Christmas while knitting but it was over by the time we had stitches casted on. A visiting friend and pizza showed up and a dog walk broke up the stitches for a bit. SNL filled the remainder of the night and the ladies accomplished a cast on row, a knit row, and a purl row by the time we were tired. We have been thinking of names for our newly-formed knitting group, and of course they are all inappropriate and catchy. We were learning best with innuendos after all. I'm excited to have another knitting party soon and I hope to see the ladies with brilliant scarves! I don't know how comfortable they will be in the hot San Diego weather but maybe we will be able to wear our creations in a month.
Happy Crafting!
Cerise : )