Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DIY face cleansing pads

I get tired of wasting money and resources on all the little things I use everyday. One of those is cotton cleansing pads for facial cleansing. I got the idea of using some scraps of fabric that weren't big enough for anything else. I used cotton flannel with organic cotton batting for the inside, sewed some squares and now have washable reusable cleansing pads. I am still working on the ideal bag for the pads so that they can be washed in their own little mesh bag.
Theresa, OmMama


Annotated Margins said...

A great way to craft green!

OmMama & KraftyKatina said...

I LOVE them!

Angel said...

I actually made the same basic thing.. except I used the scrap towel pieces after I create hooded towels, and hair wraps for my Etsy shop. I made mine round, with one side a pretty fabric, and the other side towel. I also have a matching mesh bag to wash them in. I have some with turquoise fabric and dark brown towels, some with zebra stripe fabric, and hot pink towel... etc. LOVE THEM!!