Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A sock and turtle

It was a long, stressful visit to Denver this past week and a half. I lost my wonderful grandpa and wanted to help with dealing with the estate, not realizing times like these can bring out the ugliest in people. Thankfully I had my knitting with me and I finally finished sock number two for mum's Christmas present. I had to rip it out when I was about to knit the toe because I didn't pay attention to how many decreases I needed to do for the foot. My mum's little foot was swimming in the sock. It is a really quick knit, especially when I'm anxious since that gets me knitting faster! My 11-year-old cousin's birthday was also last week and I decided to knit him a turtle. I finished it well into the night my last day in Denver and he came out pretty cute. I think my cousin liked him too. I will post pictures of him later this week when I get more time to breathe and get back to knitting.
Happy Crafting!
Cerise : )

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Annotated Margins said...

Maybe mum just needs bigger shoes!