Monday, February 16, 2009

Post Holiday Crafts

I bought a huge pillow form (27" x 27 ") on-sale months ago (okay, make that a year-and-a-half). I wanted to get some fabric I liked, cover it and use it to lean against on my bed when I read. On a subsequent trip to the fabric store I found some lovely velvety, ribbed, deep green decorator fabric that was half-off half-off (really cheap!). And there it all sat, on a bottom shelf in the sewing room, later in the closet, and still later in a big purple tote.

It would be an easy, quick project, but in the summer gardening and sewing for the holiday craft fair got in the way, in the fall sewing more for the craft fair, and when the holidays actually came there was just too much going on. I thought right before January I'd find time, but I never did (holiday crafts project 1 and 2---see Cerise's blog to follow). This weekend, I finally finished it! My husband, Mike, said "List it on Etsy!" and then he said, "Where is mine?" This one is just for me. I won't try to sell or make another just like it. I do have a matching button in blue, and another pillow form, so maybe my husband will get one in about a year!
Theresa, Ommama

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