Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holiday Projects: Part 2

Part two to the holiday projects is finally here! After making a mangy monkey and silly sheep, Mom and I moved on to bubble magnets. Unfortunately for Mom, I am a super quick assembly line worker in many crafts. I used up almost all of the magnets before Mom had a chance to make even a few. I must say, Mom's magnets are more creative with words and phrases. Out of the pile of craft stuff I left behind before moving was a file folder of magazine clippings, food wrappers, photos, and other random paper objects. I found many great pictures and words while going through all the paper junk. We had to hunt for blobs at JoAnn and found some magnets at the local art store. We soon had a table full of magnets, glass blobs, paper scraps, and glue. I took home a small box and gift bag full of finished magnets and unfinished magnets and am thinking to post them on Etsy sometime in the future (like many of my craft projects!). Hopefully OmMamma will have her fun ones up on her Etsy site too!
Happy Crafting,
Cerise : )

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Ommama & KraftyKatina said...

I have a ton now, too! Maybe we can open an etsy site together. Magnet Momma, Clever Cerise? Crazy OCD Crafters?