Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holiday Projects: Part 1

Wow, I'm finally blogging again! Going home for the holidays was wonderful. I did miss my sewing machine while I was gone but I made sure to bring a bunch of yarn and needles so I could knit. Plus, I had to finish socks for Christmas. Needless to say, I'm still working on a sock mate for mom and a pair for the fiancé. I even had yarn sent to their house!
A few of the reasons I didn't get all my knitting done were all the holiday baking, the pajama pants project, the magnet blobs project, and the monkey. My dad got me a really cute how-to book for little felt critters. I LOVE the little creatures in it. I didn't have any felt so I decided to use the scarps of flannel from the pajama pants we had made earlier in the week. Unfortunately, flannel frays really easily so is not the best substitute for felt. I managed to make a silly blue monkey which I gave to my dad as a thank you for the awesome craft book. I also made a silly little sheep that now sits on my mom's desk. I can't wait to make more little creatures out of that book! First I need to finish that sock mate and dad's well over due birthday hat!
Cerise : )


Michelle Koury said...

that monkey is oh so cute!

Ommama & KraftyKatina said...

which one is the monkey :)?