Monday, January 19, 2009

Tension Trouble

I refuse to take my sewing machine to the shop for a little problem like tension. How hard could it be to turn a knob, tweak a screw? Really, ridiculously hard.

The trouble all started when I tried to sew several layers of denim, turning an old pair of jeans into a yoga mat bag. I was doing considerably well until I took the old waistband and refashioned it as the drawstring part of the bag. Too thick to even move forward and then the needle broke. No, actually it shattered. I had to pull a piece out with pliers. I apologized to my Singer, swearing I would never do that again. It wouldn't sew a stitch. The thread came out in big giant loops and tangled all over.

I got out the manual and promised to fix my little machine. According to the manual the problem could be loose bobbin tension and tight thread tension. I tightened and I loosened. The problem could now be tight bobbin, loose thread. I did the opposite. No avail. I decided to take apart my tension regulator. Yikes. Has the language changed so much that the 1955 manual made no sense (after I got it apart)? Eventually, days later, of tightening, resetting, loosening and starting over, I finally got a good stitch. I promise my machine never to sew like that again (very soon). I love you Featherweight!

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