Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Add Color to Your Planters: Part 1

Pretty pots are my favorite for flowers and herbs on the deck. But price is always a factor and since I find a lot of freebies and cheap pots for planting they can be ugly or drab. This is the summer of spray paint and I'm starting early by revamping some old garden pots and plant stands that have been lying around growing ugly for the last few years. My favorite color so far is a sweet ocean blue turquoise paint that I happened across at the hardware store. It looks amazing with the yellow I picked up and is going to look fabulous with pinkish red carnations.

Painting pots is super easy and fast. I used old and new terracotta pots and some grubby plastic planters. To keep it looking good all around, I painted terracotta drainage dishes and old plates I use for drainage dishes. The spray paint is easy to scrape off slick plates so be aware that this won't last forever on your fancy china. I still need to find some chalk to label the plants in my chalkboard painted pots. I also went crazy on plant stands that I will post about tomorrow in Part 2 so stay tuned.

Here are the pots and plates I painted. I'm going to hunt for red and a better quality yellow this weekend and more pots so I can mix and match the drainage dishes and experiment with patterns. Check back next week for Part 3 to see how it goes!
(Don't forget to do this in an open area away from pets and plants)

Happy Painting,
- Cerise

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