Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More garden delights

The back porch is in full foliage and lots of plants are in bloom right now. My clematis came back in full force this spring. It's a terrible pink color in person. Last year it was white with splashes of a mellow pink (as pictured on the plant tag) but it went a little crazy this year. I shouldn't complaint too much because it's beautiful and healthy. One of our nurseries also has a lot of sale plants. I've picked up a few here and there and they are all doing really well. My gerber daisies pittled away quite quickly but popped out a new plant soon after. There are also sweet little carnations that are very happy in there new home and a lovely little vining plant with orange flowers that is going to live with the clematis. I obviously don't think about the colors working together or not! I would love to add more but I don't want to have to move or leave behind a bunch of plants in the not too far future if we move. My beautiful ginkgo will definitely go with me everywhere though!

Happy Blooming,
Cerise : )



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