Monday, June 11, 2012

Didn't you want garden pics?

I went a whole week without posting and my last post didn't even have pictures of all the delicious and nutritious treats growing in our garden. Dale, his mom, and I worked in the garden last night. We got a lot weeded and I thinned out the beets, daikons, radishes, carrots, and rutabagas. There was also an extreme butter lettuce party that the salad police broke up for lunch today. This morning I used the little baby greens that got thinned out for my green smoothie. Some wonderful little fresh garden strawberries also got to join them in the blender. My green gooey breakfast was delicious! The sun looks like it will be out a lot this week so I hope the garden is happy and continues to grow. Time to plant more already too!

Happy Gardening!
Cerise : )
Oregon Sugar Pod II


Borage with basil, tomatoes, bee balm, and onions in the background.
This is our first companion planting bed!

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