Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sewing Injuries to Avoid

There is the obvious: sharp quilting pins poking into your finger and burning yourself on your iron. Recently I have caught my finger under the foot pedal, burned my forehead on the light bulb as I peered too close to thread a needle. The worst injury ever was "pinking" my finger with my pinking shears. I got a nice jagged cut that took forever to heal. One of my friends once cut off the tip of her finger with a rotary cutter. A true sewer, she was more concerned about the fabric she ruined than her finger. Luckily she healed well.

My older sister will never forgive me for stabbing her with a seam ripper. I think she may have been questioning my sewing skills (I was making an apron my second year in 4-H). Anyway, it wasn't very nice and perhaps I am paying for it still. Each time I get a sewing injury I think it might be payback for that seam ripper incident.

Be careful out there!


AK Kathy said...

lol....can't believe you mentioned the seam ripper incident! I don't remember what I said but must have been a doozy! Thanks for thinking of me - it's not payback, you have "paid" it off years ago!

Annotated Margins said...

Just don't poke out an eye!