Monday, November 9, 2009

Craft Fair

Cerise and Theresa did their first craft fair in Philomath a couple of weeks ago. It was a bust. Cerise was recovering form the flu and I had it full-blown though my fever broke before I went to sit at our booth. Most likely the swine variety. A benefit for the rodeo here in town, and well, a certain type of product must sell better. Slow traffic. Disappointing. I knew we were in trouble when they were giving out door prizes and the rodeo queen had mine. She called it a "Yogo Bag". Sigh. But, we have stock for another fair, maybe before Christmas! Anyone need a yogo or yoga mat bag, I have plenty in stock. Cerise has some really cute felt wool blend owls and alligators and her plush hippos. Oh, and we have about a billion cool magnets! Happy Crafting!

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