Monday, July 27, 2009

Crafting in Oregon

Well, it's been a long few months and I'm finally getting a long awaited blog up. Hopefully my life has settled down enough that I will be posting blogs more regularly. I have so so many things to blog about! I've been pretty crafty my first three weeks in Oregon and much of that is attributed to my newest addition to my craft life. Upon our arrival in Corvallis, Oregon, we scrambled to find a better living situation than we had originally secured and fortunately for us we got a beautiful two bedroom house that has a separate little house in the back. And guess where I've set up my crafts? In the craft hut! My parents came up for a visit three days after moving to Oregon and I had a lot of help getting my craft hut pretty and ready for crafting. My mom and I sponge painted the floor and my dad and Dale set up the extension cord from the main house to the craft hut so I could have electricity. I now have everything but my knitting out there and it's wonderful! I have my sewing table and a desk set up so I can leave out projects. There is plenty of storage space, including an old dorm dresser/cabinet from OSU, and plenty of space to spread out. I've already begun many sewing adventures but need to get some curtains up to keep out the sun and heat. I'm so happy I finally have some great space for doing all my projects and glad to have had helpers to get it set up!
Happy Crafting, Cerise : )

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