Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cleaning up

First, let me say that Cerise's craft house in Corvallis is super awesome. She will post pictures soon (please, please!). Imagine having a whole small building to yourself to create, to craft and sew and imagine having all that space to keep things for future projects... Hey, a lot of that stuff is here at my house!
My husband and I are purging and sorting for an impending move. It is hard to toss things (actually, I mean recycle) that might turn into cool, incredible things to sell. I have a box of baby food jars (Cerise's) paint and print supplies (Cerise's) empty jewelry boxes (umhhhmm... Cerise's) along with my own baggage: cool pieces of driftwood I fantasize turning into jewelry, old sweaters that could be cat toys, worn blue jeans... I guess at some point some of it has to go. I just hate putting things into land fill so instead I lug it around, and maybe someday it will be the next great thing. Cerise has promised to get her baby food jars. She has room for them!
Theresa, OmMama

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Cerise said...

I'm happy to have these but now I have to do something with them!