Saturday, September 6, 2008


I wish you all could see my face when I found out for the first time I sold one of my yoga mat bags on etsy. I did a little dance, too. My second sale was just as exciting and included a squeal.

Before my first sale I recalled my days doing outside sales and last week went on cold calls, "warm calls" (follow-ups), tried to do some cross marketing on-line and made pretty packaging for my things going out. I still do better in person but I had some success with the cold calls as I have an appointment set up next week. Virtual selling is not too much different other than there are about a billion people. I can narrow that down to potential buyers and it leaves maybe only a million people. That is a big lake to fish in! I will try the ponds around my little town first!


Ommama & KraftyKatina said...

Congratulations! You should send me some fliers/brochures to take to the gyms around here! I'm so happy you were featured on a blog AND your selling them online and around town. Whoo hoo, go OmMama!

AK Kathy said...

Yeah!!! congrats and keep up the good work....don't forget us little people when you become famous:)