Monday, September 8, 2008

Sewing Injuries

Last night I was reminded not to put my head too close to the sewing machine. I was doinked in the forehead with the machine arm. However, the most painful injury is a needle through the finger. Machine needles are not like hand needles. They are big and fat and kind of sharp but also usually balled at the end so it is like getting punched with an awl. Another painful injury is the burn from the light on the machine. Yes, I know it gets hot!

How can all these injuries occur, you ask? Getting too close to the machine! Even before my eyesight started failing, I had a problem of getting close to see each stitch as it's made. It is fascinating to me to see my little machine pump up and down 15 stitches an inch or more and to see it all come together to be a bag or shirt.

If you want to know if someone is a sewer look for little track marks from the pins and needles all over his or hers fingers. Perhaps a cut from the scissors (never cut yourself with pinking shears. That really hurts!) and maybe check the forehead for marks.

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AK Kathy said...

Watch out for seam rippers, too!