Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Cupcakes

My grandma's 80th birthday was three weeks ago. Family came out from all over to surprise her with a party. My job: make a cake. But of course with a few glutards and dairy derps in the family (this girl being one of them), I of course made two cakes. The request: coconut. The glutenous cake came out a bit heavy as the last two sad little eggs from my chickens barely pulled through and the egg whites were quite lacking. I used them anyways. The glutard version came out amazing, thank you Pamela's mix and yes I still have a ton from the wedding and yes it's still good. Key to amazing coconut frosting (aside from shredded coconut and lovely pastel candies gracefully mashed all over the completed creation): coconut oil in place of butter and coconut milk (from the can) in place of cow milk (don't forget the meringue powder for a perfect texture). Though I tried to make the glutard cake derp free, I realized much too late I forgot to cut my ridiculously tall 6" baked good in half and add frosting in the middle. Still delicious. Here are my sweet little creations!

Happy baking my little cupcakes!

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