Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wedding Party Favors

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, one of the many things we made for the upcoming wedding in August are wedding favors. Theresa came across some wonderful hot air balloon pins on Etsy. We had been going with a Victorian meets steampunk style theme that included dirigibles. I'm not sure that the dirigibles will be getting tied in very well at this point but the eclectic stuff we have going on fits us quite perfectly. My Cricut die cutter came in handy to make little tags that I then aged with brown eye makeup which looks great but my hands looked like they had a long night out on the club when I was done. The sweet little pins were attached in the middle of the tag and ribbons through the holes. I then painstakingly stamped our initials and the wedding date on each one. It was really fun and a great excuse to buy more neat stamps and stamp pads. It did take forever and Dexter ate about ten of them on evening. Definitely worth the time to make our own favors though!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Crafting

It's finally happening! In December, Dale and I decided to get married. It's been seven years since we engaged. I'm not unhappy we waited, but it's about darned time! So naturally, most of what's going into decorating for the wedding is hand crafted. Theresa and I have been hard at work sewing bunting (and getting friends to help us out!), making wedding favors, hair pieces for the bridesmaids, adding special touches to my dress, making invitations, and making jewelry, among many other things. Though there is much more to go, I fished hair pieces and invitations labels designing today. This was the first time I've used feathers and vintage millinery flowers and I had a lot of fun working with both together. The hair pieces came out wonderful. The grander scheme of Victorian-styled little hats with feathers and flowers was a bit too much for me to tackle at the moment as research on hat making is going to be a must for a project like that. Dexter even helped me model one. I think the ladies are going to look so lovely in them, don't you?

Happy Crafting!
Cerise : )

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday OmMama!

Happy birthday to my beautiful, wonderful, crafty mum! Thanks for being the best!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pattern Published!

Howdy all! It's been FOREVER since we've blog. Please forgive us, we will get blogging more!

I've been a knitting mad woman lately and have even started hosting knit nights at my house every other week. I purchased a bunch of Knit Picks yarn a while back with the intention of creating my own patterns and getting them published through the Independent Designer Program (IDP). One of the yarns I purchased was Capra, a wonderful cashmere blend, that was as wonderful as I could have hoped. I also bought some beautiful lace weight yarn with really great Northwest related names like basalt. The Capra project became a herringbone hat and mitten set. This is my second stranded knitting pattern (hopefully the first one will be published soon!) and it took quite a bit of tweaking, frogging, and re-knitting before I got it just right. I'm happy to say that it was accepted by the IDP at Knit Picks and is now for sale! You can also find it on Ravelry. I haven't sold any copies yet but there are Ravelers who heart it. A big thanks to Knit Picks for their help to get designers started with a publishing program and inexpensive yarn!

Happy Knitting!
Cerise : )