Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kitty Sweater Toys!

I made a few cute kitty toys awhile back but didn't have a kitty to test them on. In the past, I would have tried it out on Katina, Cerise's cat, but since Dexter, her dog, has a habit of swallowing toys, I can't give her anything that isn't bigger than she is. So when Kelly made a special order through my Etsy site for a cushion that her cats had torn up, I included the cat toy in with her order.

The toy is made of an old wool sweater cut up and sewn into a little sweater shape. It is filled with catnip and cut pieces of wool. It has now been thoroughly tested and approved by Alistair (pictured) and Emma. Look for these kitty toys available soon. Thanks for the testing, Kelly!
Theresa, Ommama


Jodie said...

he looks pretty happy with it !

Annotated Margins said...

Kitties love toys... keeps them from having to deal with their pesky owners!