Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So Cerise has gone to a knitting group since moving to the Pacific northwest. She just finished a gorgeous sweater which I hope she posts a photo of soon. She invited me to go and since they meet at a wine bar i was game. Of course someone had some extra yarn and someone else some extra needles and there I was learning how to knit. Three weeks later I learned to purl and now I am dreaming of a nice sweater. It may be awhile. I just cracked open "Knitting for Dummies." yes, it may be awhile. I think it is a good motion to continue helping healing my arm break a few months back.
Theresa, OmMama


Brandy said...

We have a way of sucking other people into our yarn addiction! And meeting at Enoteca make it all the more fun!

Annotated Margins said...

I for one am pleased about the knitting, 'cause I got a wonderful scarf out of the deal! Are there socks in my future?